Dr Elizer Jay de los Reyes

Jay de los Reyes is an NUS Fellow and an incoming postdoctoral research fellow at the Department of Communications and New Media, National University of Singapore. Born and raised in the villages of the northern Philippines, Jay draws from his biography in his postdoctoral project that examines transnational connections between emigrant Filipina domestic workers in Singapore and their left behind families in rural Philippines through the lens of what he calls “global spectating”. Jay’s project hopes to offer a possible way of looking at the “mobile” and the “moored” in non-asymmetrical and covalent terms. Jay’s work has been published in Globalization, Societies and Education, and Policy Futures in Education. Jay has also received numerous scholarships and fellowships that include the Fulbright (2012), German Academic Exchange Scholarship (2017), and the NYU-Steinhardt Faculty First-Look Fellowship (2017-2018). 

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