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Resilience Beyond Borders: Im/Mobilities of Underrepresented Academics During the COVID-19 Pandemic    

If you believe yourself to be a member of a historically underrepresented demographic group within higher education, then we invite you to participate in an online survey (15 to 20 minutes) and respond to questions about underrepresentation in higher education, challenges experienced by historically underrepresented demographic groups in relation to mobility and immobility, and personal strategies employed as well as institutional support provided during the COVID-19 pandemic.   

This online survey is conducted for the purpose of research and more specifically, the overarching aim is to explore the development of resilience by underrepresented academics during the COVID-19 pandemic. The outcomes of this study are not only relevant to individual academics but also valuable to policymakers and institutional leaders.    

To read the participant information page, view consent preferences, and complete the survey, click here. You may also copy and paste the URL below into your internet browser:

This research project, funded by Universitas 21, is being conducted by researchers from The University of Melbourne, the National University of Singapore, The University of Queensland, the University of California-Davis, and The University of Hong Kong. It has been approved by the National University of Singapore Institutional Review Board (NUS-IRB-2021-989), The University of Hong Kong Human Research Ethics Committee (EA220038), and ratified by the University of Queensland Research Ethics and Integrity (2022/HE000296).   

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